Bringing the Beloved Into Relationship

Create the love you always wanted!

The joy in life springs from giving and receiving love. You can co-create the love you always wanted whether you are in an intimate relationship presently or would like to be. To love and be loved is everyone’s ultimate desire even though many of us have been so hurt that we are afraid to reach for it.

Pam Altaffer will be leading Sandi in Ask & Receive to “Bring in the Beloved”. We are thrilled to offer this TeleClearing entitled: Bringing the Beloved Into Relationship.”

Download Replay and Script


It is designed to guide and support you in releasing your fears, hurt and trauma so that the BELOVED is free to fully enter your life. This TeleClearing is for people who are currently looking for a new relationship or who wish to bring the BELOVED Into Relationship with their current partner.

The same feelings of safety, worthiness, self esteem and willingness to shine your light is needed for both finding a new partner or for enhancing the relationship you already have. We don’t have to change our partner, we only need to heal ourselves (though there is no reason your partner couldn’t participate as well!)

Use this TeleClearing to create the love you always wanted. Please join us. You deserve more love.

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